The Best Ergonomic Snow Shovels for Your Back

In the Garden Sue Feb 22, 2024
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Snow removal can be a daunting task, especially during the winter months. To make this chore more manageable, choosing the right snow shovel is crucial.

As a Physical Therapist, I always consider the the shovel's ergonomic design as the key aspect in my selection.

Among the various types of snow shovels available, those with a bent shaft design have been recognized as the best ergonomic choice.

In this blog, we will explore the reasons behind the superior ergonomic qualities of snow removal tools, backed by research conducted in the field of ergonomic assessment.

The Research

A comprehensive study conducted by Osama Al-Meanazel, titled "Ergonomic Assessment of Snow Shovels Using Digital Human Modeling," sheds light on the importance of ergonomic design in snow shovels.

You can find the full research article here This research provides valuable insights into the benefits of bent shaft snow shovels for snow removal tasks.

Are bent snow shovels better than straight ?

1. Reduced Strain on the Back

One of the most significant advantages of bent shaft snow shovels is their ability to reduce strain on the user's back. Research has shown that the bent shaft design allows for a more natural and upright posture when shoveling snow. This posture minimizes the stress on the lower back and reduces the risk of back injuries. The study conducted by Al-Meanazel supports this finding, emphasizing that ergonomic design can significantly impact user comfort and safety.

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2. Enhanced Efficiency

Bent shaft snow shovels are not only better for your health but also more efficient in terms of snow removal. The ergonomic design allows for better leverage, making it easier to lift and throw snow. This increased efficiency means less time and effort spent on each shoveling task, reducing fatigue and making the job less physically demanding.

3. Improved Grip and Control

Ergonomics isn't just about posture; it also involves factors like grip and control. Bent shaft snow shovels typically feature ergonomic handles that are designed to fit the user's hand comfortably. This provides better control and reduces the risk of slipping or losing your grip when shoveling heavy, wet snow. The research by Al-Meanazel highlights the importance of handle design in improving overall user experience.

4. Versatility

Bent shaft snow shovels are versatile and suitable for various types of snow removal tasks. Whether you're clearing a walkway, a driveway, or digging out your car, the ergonomic design of these shovels allows you to adapt to different shoveling scenarios easily. This versatility is a significant advantage for those living in regions with heavy snowfall.

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Is metal or plastic blade better for a snow shovel?

1. Metal can cut through the snow better than plastic

2. Metal is heavier making the task take more energy to move the snow

3. Metal will not crack or break as easily as plastic

How do you keep the snow from sticking to the shovel?

1. spray it with cooking spray before you use it

2. keep the shovel outside so it is the same temperature as outside. If you keep it indoors the warm shovel will contribute to the snow sticking to it.

Are snow blowers better than shoveling for your back?

1. Snow blowers are better for driveways that you can do long sweeps without obstacles.

2. Even with a snow blower, you will still have to shovel around steps and cars.

3. Snow blowers are much easier on your back, but cost is higher and there is some maintenance involved with the gas ones. The cordless battery operated ones are very low maintenance.

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Here are some well rated Snowblowers:

What is the difference between a snow pusher and a snow shovel?

1. A pusher has a long narrow blade meant to push the snow, while a snow shovel looks more like a shovel meant to pick up then dump the snow out.

2. A snow pusher is used for long driveways, pushing the snow to the side of the driveway. Pushers are meant for frequent snow falls of not great depth

3. Snow Shovels are ideal around steps, sidewalks and around cars.

4. Snow shovels require your to lift the snow so this requires more strength and body mechanics to not hurt your back.

To make your winter snow removal tasks more manageable and less physically demanding, consider investing in a bent shaft snow shovel, a snow blower or a snow pusher. Not only will you be saving your back, but you'll also find that shoveling snow becomes a more efficient and comfortable experience, allowing you to tackle the winter weather with ease.

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Disclosure:  Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at no cost to you if you decide to purchase. As an Amazon Associate I may earn on qualifying purchases