Raised Garden Beds for Seniors: Our Top Picks

In the Garden Sue Jun 19, 2024
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The Best Raised Bed Gardens for Senior Citizens

Or ANYONE of Any Age!

As a  senior citizen, you might be thinking about ways to downsize your yard. After all, maintaining a large lawn can be a lot of work. But just because you're downsizing doesn't mean you have to give up your gardening altogether.

Raised garden beds are a great option for seniors who want to continue enjoying the benefits of gardening without all the hassle.

Raised garden beds are easier to maintain than traditional gardens because they require less bending and stooping. They also tend to have fewer weeds and pests.

Raised garden beds might be the perfect solution for you, but which ones are the best? After analyzing a number of raised beds, we have found the best beds for every situation.  

Our Top Raised Garden Picks

Best Overall:

Vego Garden Raised Beds:

Best for People with Back Pain:

Greenes  48" L x 24" W x 31", Cedar

 Elevated Raised bed on legs:


  • Great for small patios or yards

  • Don't have to bend over to garden (It’s waist high!)

  • Accessible for people in wheelchairs or limited mobility

  • Easy tool free assembly

  • Made in USA from Cedar

  • Great for an herb garden


  • Wood will deteriorate over time (15-20 years)

  • Small

The Greens 2ft x 4ft bed is made of cedar wood. It is easy to assemble by one person and you don’t need any power tools, the interlocking joints just slide together.  It’s ideal for patios, decks, balconies or any outdoor space. The elevated beds are 31 inches high so there is no bending over or kneeling on the ground to work in the garden.  It’s the perfect height for all adults and people with limited mobility. The wood is rough cut North American Cedar. Sand it if you would prefer a smoother finish. Make sure you fill this very close to the top to get the roots room to grow down into the 9.6 inches of depth.  Carrots, potatoes and other root vegetables may not be suitable for this depth. All other veggies, herbs and flowers will flourish here. 

Best Variation of Styles and Shapes:

Vego Garden Raised Beds


  • perfect height to promote safe ergonomics in gardening

  • Interchangeable components to create different sizes and configurations

  • 20+year life expectancy

  • High quality

  • Can get extension kits

  • Some beds come with rolling wheels

  • Does not deteriorate over time like wood garden beds


  • DIY assembly (30 minutes)

  • Heavy to move

  • Not suitable for patio or decks (open to ground on bottom)

The Vego company has a wide variety of raised garden beds that you assemble yourself. They are made from a steel substrate and USDA certified paint for increased longevity, lasting up to 20+ years. This particular one is  17 inches in height, which is ideal for root growth and will put less stress on your back when you work in the garden. It comes in four appealing colors to match any outdoor decor. With its Interchangeable components it will  create different sizes and configurations to fit the specific needs of your garden.  You will have to put these together yourself and get your family to help you move them. The longer beds have a stabilization bar in the middle so the sides don’t move when the soil is placed in. The beds this size seems to be ok without the bar. These beds do not have a bottom and are made to sit on the ground. Putting them on patios or decks may be unsuitable. 

Best Self Watering Raised Planter

16 x 16.3 inches:


  • Elegant design

  • Made of long lasting plastic material

  • Waters up to 2 weeks

  • Double wall design

  • Made in USA

  • Fade resistant

  • Has good drainage to avoid root rot

  • Accessible for seniors with limited mobility

  • Can be placed on a patio or ground


  • May need light scrubbing year to year on outside

This raised planter has an air of fine elegance to enhance any decor. The self-watering feature works with the water reservoir. Capillary action allows water in the reservoir to soak upward keeping the soil and plant roots moist creating a "self-watering" effect. It has overflow drainage holes on the side so the soil is not over-saturated. Watering once a week should be enough but it depends on your climate, sun and rain exposure. This is ideal for those who don’t have time to water everyday or for weekend vacation homes. The planter box is made from polyethylene plastic, which makes the planter long-lasting. It can be used outdoors as it is weather and fade-resistant. The height of 16 inches is a great height to sit and take care of your flowers if you have trouble standing and bending over. You will need to make sure that the drainage holes are kept free of dirt and debris to avoid root rot. 

Best for Very Small Spaces: 

Vertical Planter 7 Tier Stackable Planter Garden Tower - Strawberry Herb Flower and Vegetable Planter


  • Fits into small spaces

  • removable wheels 

  • 3-7 tiers 

  • Good drainage

  • Affordable

  • Holds up to 20 plants


  • Holds up to 150 pounds

  • each plant does need watering even though you water from the top

  • Only plants with very shallow root growth will thrive due to shallow pots

  • Bottom not as accessible to people with limited mobility

  • Top watering is hard on the 7 tiered model

  • Plastic is thin and cracks easily

  • Does not come in different colors

The Vertical Planter 7 Tier Stackable Planters Garden Tower Planter is inexpensive and is great for very small spaces like balconies and small patios. Because of the bottom tray, it can be used indoors.  The wheels let the planter be moved into the light or shade when you feel you need to move it. It comes with a solid holding tray on each level to provide air to the roots, provide humidity and keep the soil from draining out. It has sufficient drainage throughout the system.  Watering is done from the top. The company claims that the large leaking hole at the top ensures that the upper level planters will water the lower ones. We found that the flowers still needed some water on the outer edges of each level. We also preferred the 5-6 tier system as it was easier to water from the top. The depth of each planter tier is only 6 inches so make sure your plant has a shallow root system for success. The plastic is thin, so be careful not to crack the plastic when handling. The system comes with little tools to aid in planting for the beginner gardener, the tools may not last long though. Overall, this planter is an inexpensive way to have some plants in a very small space, but that comes with lack of durability and a limited array of plants to choose from due to the planter depth. 

Best for large gardens:

Premium Cedar U-shaped Raised Garden Bed:


  • Great for yards

  • Grows a lot of plants

  • Accessible for people

  • in wheelchairs or limited mobility

  • Easy tool free assembly

  • Made in USA from Cedar

  • Great for therapy gardens


  • Wood will deteriorate over time (15-20 years)

  • Expense

  • Not suitable for patio or decks (open to ground on bottom)

This Greenes Raised Bed garden is for the gardener who wants to grow a good quantity of vegetables, herbs and or flowers. These are made out of rough cut Cedar grown in the USA and are untreated(chemical free for your veggies), with interlocking joints that simply slide together–no power tools needed! They are placed right on top of your existing soil so the plant's root systems are free to grow.  This company has add-on kits available so you can make your raised beds as big as you desire!! The U-shaped pattern will make it easy to reach all plants in each bed, without overreaching or straining. Make sure you have the space in your yard to accommodate the 8 ft by 12 foot structure and easily get around the whole structure. You will need to put a lot of garden soil/compost into these raised beds, so you might want to think about placing wood chips and or cardboard in the bottom to take up some of the room and save some money. These will compost fast and create a healthy soil environment.

Best Overall:

Vego Garden Raised Beds:

More helpful information about the health benefits of gardening as we age

Disclosure:  Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at no cost to you if you decide to purchase. As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases.